New York’s data science community has been building since long before “data science” was used to describe it.  In addition to a long history of advertising and adtech companies, the recent startup explosion here in NYC has been largely led by companies built to leverage data science (including FourSquare, Tumblr, AppNexus, and Knewton, to name just a few).

This community has been fortunate to have a handful of fantastic advocates – people like Hilary Mason, Drew Conway, John Myles White, Jake Porway, and others – who have worked tirelessly to create great educational opportunities like DataGotham and amazing initiatives like DataKind.  Yet our conversations with people in the data science community (and the traffic explosion resulting from our recent data education-focused post) helped us realize that people wanted even more opportunities to learn and collaborate.

So we started the NYC Data Science meetup to help meet this growing demand.  Even then, we were surprised when the group grew to 160 members in just 24 hours … all without a scheduled event.

And it’s not just current or aspiring data scientists who are thirsty to learn more.  Software engineers, statisticians, hackers, and many others are increasingly recognizing the value of rounding out their own skills with a broader education in data science.

Given its focus on education, we couldn’t think of a better speaker for the inaugural NYC Data Science meetup than Hilary Mason, bitly’s Chief Scientist and one of the most influential data scientists in New York (or anywhere else, for that matter).  Hilary is not only a tremendous advocate for NYC’s data science community, she also has a unique gift for making challenging subject matter accessible and exciting to audiences of all experience levels.

If you love working with data and want to meet other awesome people who share your passion, sign up and join us.