Anyone who knows Mortar knows we love Apache Pig. That’s why we became active members of the Pig community through open source, speaking engagements, and organizing NYC’s first Apache Pig User Group.

But we’re big on continuous improvement, so part of our job is to make even Pig better. Today we’re announcing Mortar Projects, which we believe is far and away the best way to work with Pig—we hope you’ll agree!

Mortar Projects is a Rails-like framework for Pig. Pig is great for large-scale, complex, data pipelines, but it lacks a way to organize, test, deploy, and collaborate with code. On the web, frameworks like Rails, Django, and Node.js have been doing this for years. Now with Mortar Projects, we’ve introduced that framework for Pig.
To complete the metaphor, Mortar’s service is a Heroku-like service for Pig, providing deploy, monitoring and execution of Mortar Projects.

Here’s why Mortar Projects has us so excited:

With Mortar Projects on your workstation, you get results in just a few seconds using “illustrate”—much faster than running on a full distributed architecture. You can even use your workstation to run entire Hadoop jobs on subsets of your data very quickly. Since one of the usual challenges of working with Hadoop is the length of time it takes to see results, we think speed is a huge benefit of using Mortar Projects.
Standardized and Self-Contained
Like Rails, Mortar Projects have a standard directory structure, using convention to connect files and to configure the project. Entire Mortar Projects with full configuration and all dependencies can be checked into git (or any other revision control).
1-Button Deploy
When you are confident that your code is correct, you can run it on your full dataset on a private Hadoop cluster via Mortar’s Heroku-like service— just change “local:run” to “run”. Everything gets deployed to us, and snapshotted together: configuration, dependencies, etc. Like Heroku, our revenue comes from usage of our platform, but if you need to deploy to your own platform, the APIs are cleanly separated; give us a pull request.
Mortar Projects are free in every sense of the word. They cost no money, and the framework is totally open source. Whether or not you are a Mortar customer, the framework will give you the benefits listed above: standardization, speed, and simple deploy.
We couldn’t be more excited about today’s announcement and what it means to our mission to democratize data development. More to come soon, meanwhile here’s how to get started with a single install command.

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