Doug Daniels


What’s better than a recommendation engine that’s free? A recommendation engine that is both awesome and free.

Today, we’re announcing General Availability for the Mortar Recommendation Engine. Designed by Mortar’s engineers and top data science advisors, it produces personalized recommendations at scale for companies like MTV, Comedy Central, StubHub, and the Associated Press. Today, we’re giving it away for free, and it is awesome.

Open. Every business is different: you know things about your business and your data that can drive better recommendations. So we crafted the recommendation engine to be completely customizable and made all of the code open source so you can modify or adapt whatever you need.

Clear. But open source isn’t enough. We’re sick of open source technology that only its creators know how to use. So we built fanatically comprehensive tutorials that any engineer or data scientist can follow to go from raw data to personalized recommendations to serving those recommendations in production. And we field tested them with partner companies to be utterly certain they’ll work for you and your data.

Flexible. For this engine, everything is a signal. Every user interaction, content metadata, or even outside streams of data, so you can blend your collaborative filter with your content recommendations with anything you like, and still know why each recommendation was generated.

Portable. You can run this code anywhere. It’s built on widely-adopted open source technologies—Hadoop, Pig, and Python. But we think you’ll want to use our platform.

Here’s why: over the last three years, Mortar has built and perfected the components you need to develop and run a critical system like this at scale. From development to launch to production, we’ve baked the best practices from data engineering and devops into the Mortar platform:

  • One-button code deployment, powered by Github
  • Award-winning job monitoring and visualization
  • Realtime log collection and error analysis
  • Free local development with one-click installation

We’re giving over a year’s worth of work on our recommendation engine away because we want to earn your business on our platform. And recommendations are just the first step. In the next months, you’ll see examples and tutorials for even more mission-critical, high-scale data use cases on the Mortar platform.

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