November 28, 2012

Last week, we announced our $1.8 million fundraising. For those of you who follow big data startups, our blog post probably felt…underwhelming. Startups typically come out and make a huge publicity splash, jam-packed with buzzwords and vision galore. While we feel very fortunate to have what we need to help us grow, we know that VC funding is merely a means, and not an end.

But now you get to see us get really excited, because Mortar’s Hadoop PaaS and open source framework for big data is now publicly available. This means if you want to try it, you can activate your trial right now on our site without having to talk to anyone (unless you want to!).

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November 19, 2012

We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised a $1.8 million seed round led by Gil Beyda of Genacast Ventures. You can read more about it here.

We’re fortunate to have terrific investors who share our vision for bringing convention and simplicity to big data development and Hadoop. However, this is just a small step towards much bigger goals, so you won’t find us high-fiving or pouring champagne anytime soon. 

We have big plans for the coming months and are working hard to make them a reality. Stay tuned…